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The Engage Visa Debit Card

Available only for credit union members, the Engage Account provides a pre-paid Visa Debit Card that can be easily managed on-line or with the mobile app. It enables you to see live balance information, download statements, pay bills and set up standing orders from your own account.

NOTE: The Engage Visa card will be withdrawn if you cease to be an active member of Rugby Credit Union or fail to repay an agreed loan. We are unable to accept card applications on-line. You will need to come into the office with your photo ID before a card can be issued.

This form will need to be printed and brought into our office for ID verification.

Engage Visa Card & E-Account

The Engage card cannot be overdrawn. It is a pre-paid debit card that you load with funds from your credit union or bank account and then use in shops and on the internet wherever Visa is accepted. The Engage account also provides budgeting 'envelopes' for the management of important bills such as rent and utilities.

Funds from your Credit Union savings or loan accounts or from other bank accounts can be transferred to the Visa card overnight and cash is available from ATMs or free with retailer cash-back.

A large reward programme offers discounts on your shopping when you purchase using your card with local retailers signed up to the Engage Reward Programme. These savings are between 3% and 7% from many major stores and supermarkets in the area and these discounts more than outweigh the small monthly account fee. (watch the video below for details)

Engage account holders need to maintain active membership of the Credit Union in order to continue using the card issued to you. We encourage all members to save regularly and when we assess loan applications and card renewals a key criteria is a member's savings and repayments history.

NB  Regulations require us to verify your photo ID before issuing the Debit Card. Please bring your application and photo ID to our office on Albert St. Rugby.


There is a £2 per month account management fee but it’s free to open the account and a second card is also free. There are no charges for purchases or for setting up standing orders nor for cash-back in store but it costs 75p for each ATM cash withdrawal.

There are also small charges for use of the card overseas and replacing lost cards. Mobile Apps are available free for iPhone or Android. SMS or email alerts can be set up to track spending. Each month the discounts earned on the Reward Programme are automatically credited to the account.

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